Rough Lumber

All of the lumber at Casey’s is indigenous to Colorado. Species that we most commonly use are Ponderosa Pine, Lodge Pole Pine, Spruce, and Doug fir. All of our lumber is rough cut and actual size. We have the capabilities of producing Lumber in various sizes and lengths, from your basic 1x4 to the larger 12x12. We are able to produce Stafford Inspected graded beams and logs to accommodate the structural needs you might need while building. Our rough lumber can be used for siding to accent carpentry to your structural mainstay for any kind of building project.

We also have machine peeling capabilities for all log work. We are able to peel poles from 3 inches to 16 inches in diameter. We also provide hand peeled logs for homes and interior log work. We do provide log railed fencing in ten foot lengths that are all pre-drilled and dowelled for easy installation. All of our logs can be either machine peeled or hand peeled depending on the job you are trying to accomplish.